New Candidate to Enter Presidential Race

A new candidate is poised to enter the Presidential race, John Kerry. Long time political watchers may remember Kerry as a liberal Senator from Massachusetts who had an unsuccessful bid for the Presidency running on a platform of his 4 months service in Vietnam. The new John Kerry will enter the Presidential race running on a platform of healthcare and the economy.

The stories are all over the media. The old John Kerry is out and the new John Kerry is in. Call it a mid-campaign flip-flop. Whether Kerry can pull this off remains to be seen.

It is, of course, a tacit admission that the Swift Boat Veterans have won. When their story first broke, I said “this could change the whole campaign.” I was ribbed by a few people and dismissed, even mocked, by others. But what I wrote 4 months ago in defense of that statement was dead on:

…the reason I thought it was so big was because this man has based his whole campaign on the fact he spent 4 months driving a boat in southeast Asia 30 years ago.

If that gets pulled out from under him what exactly does he run on?

Kerry, foolishly, has all of his campaign eggs in one basket.


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