Media Take on Kerry's Midnight Hissy Fit

I’m not the only one who thought Kerry blew it the other night.

Short fuse betrays Kerry
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

John Kerry should have slept on it. His midnight outburst following President Bush’s rousing success in defining himself, his domestic agenda and the stakes in the war on terrorism reveals a candidate who can be goaded. Not good in a president.

“For the past week, they have attacked my patriotism and even my fitness to serve as commander in chief,” said Kerry early Friday in Springfield, Ohio. “Well, here’s my answer to them. I will not have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could’ve and who misled America into Iraq.”

Clearly seething with the TV remote control when he was to be relaxing during Republican convention week, Kerry blew at the first opportunity.

Nobody, of course, questioned his patriotism. His policies, yes. His votes during 20 years in the Senate, yes. His apparent inability to make and abide a decision, yes. His commitment to a strong military, yes. His patriotism, no.

It’s a revealing outburst. Despite the pounding Kerry took from the partisans, the weeklong break had actually served Kerry’s campaign.

The mainstream media, most Democrats and others who don’t quite grasp the significance or understand the emotionalism of events of three decades ago are dying to move on to other, more comfortable subjects. So what does he do? Rants and revives the debate about individual conduct during the Vietnam war.

When this campaign is over — and barring some disaster, Bush will win — Democrats would be well advised to re-examine the primary election process that assures candidates of the party’s nomination before they are fully known and tested. Four days of a national convention is far too little time to define an unknown, and when, as with Kerry, the carefully orchestrated definition unravels, it’s seat-of-the-pants from then on.

and this

Still whining Kerry running out of time
Boston Herald

It’s time John Kerry chooses between being a whiner and being a leader. His midnight performance Thursday and remarks at events Friday showed he’s yet to get the difference in this campaign.

Americans do not want to hear Kerry’s whining about being “attacked” and “insulted” at the Republican National Convention. Americans do not want to hear his childish claims that he was attacked first and therefore he now must attack back.

Americans do not want to hear the Democratic nominee call the commander in chief during a war where American lives are on the line “unfit for office and unfit for duty.”

They want to hear that he is as committed as President Bush to stopping fanatics from taking over American schools and slaughtering children. And if he has better ideas about how to go about doing it than Bush does, Americans want to hear those, too.

For this is what we are facing. Anyone thinking the Russian school massacre couldn’t happen here underestimates the lack of moral conscience which exists in the likes of al-Qaeda, Hamas and other extremists.

A few editorials aside, the media, by and large, gave Kerry a pass. I doubt they are likely to do that twice. If Kerry gets this out of control over what a few Republicans say about him at a convention, how exactly will he respond if we have real problems?

Chicago Sun-Times can't subtract
John Kerry's day of infamy


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