Could the Navy Revoke Some of Kerry's Medals?

That might have seemed far fetched a few months ago but now it is passing plausible and approaching possible. (still a long way from probable mind you)

Legal watchdog files complaint against Kerry

The Defense Department’s inspector general informed the Navy secretary Thursday of a complaint by a conservative legal watchdog group that requests an investigation into Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry’s military service.

Gary Comerford, a spokesman for the inspector general’s office, said that “if a complaint looks like a potential violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, we refer it to the branch of service in which the violation was alleged to have occurred. We don’t make a determination. It is up to the service department that has the records.”

According to the complaint, filed Aug. 18 by Judicial Watch, “The, as yet, unresolved allegations include: false official reports and statements; dishonorable conduct; aiding the enemy; dereliction of duty; misuse and abuse of U.S. government equipment and property; war crimes; and multiple violations of U.S. Navy regulations and directives, the Uniform Code of Military Justice and U.S. Code.”

Kerry defenders will be quick to point out that Judicial Watch is a conservative organization. Until goes after Kerry over his medals, that line of defense is meaningless.

The first issue sure to be attacked is Kerry’s first Purple Heart. Even his staunchest supporters and indeed even Kerry himself now admit the wound was (unintentionally) self-inflicted and there was no enemy fire.

The Purple Heart regulations give examples of when NOT to give a PH.

Self-inflicted wounds, except when in the heat of battle, and not involving gross negligence.

So by his own admission, Kerry does not qualify for his first Purple Heart.

However it is doubtful they will stop there.

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