Jackson Paid Off Another Child In The 1990's

Exactly how many children have to come forward before Michael Jackson fans wake up to the fact that he’s got a “boy” problem?

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Michael Jackson allegedly staved off a child molestation accusation in 1990 with a $2 million payment to the son of an employee at his Neverland Ranch, according to a television report.

“We always believed there were eight to 10 other children out there,” Thomas told “Dateline NBC.”

Thomas told the AP the employee’s son did not file charges and didn’t want to testify “because he was afraid his friends would think he was homosexual.”

Thomas has previously discussed the boy’s claim, but said he wasn’t sure until the Dateline report that Jackson had paid the boy $2 million.

“Dateline” said the settlement contained a clause barring it from being discussed publicly.

Thomas said the 12-year-old accused Jackson of “fondling him through his clothes,” which could be the basis of misdemeanor charges. No charges were ever filed.

Both boys who accused Jackson in the 1990s are now in their 20s and are not expected to testify in the current case.The full story is on Dateline NBC tonight [Sept. 3, 2004].

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