What the hell does that even mean?

John Kerry (and Edwards) decided to make a completely classless move and start a speech just minutes after Bush was finished speaking. He is cratering.

“And now that the President is Finally finished his speech, I have 5 words for America, ‘This is your wake up call.'”

Ain’t that six words?

oooooh I might vote for him now.

I’m not sure what is more pathetic… That line or that the crowd cheered it.

Update I’m going to live blog it.

4 words on Bush speech: “All Hat No Cattle.” Rebut: All Hat No Cambodia

They are blowing it. Both Senators are viscerally angry. That might fire the base but it looks anything but Presidential.

Now Kerry is taking off after Bush and Cheney BIG TIME. “5 deferments vs 2 tours of Duty” (4 months is 2 tours of duty? -ed)

Now he’s reciting the “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra.

HOLY CRAP: He just went Michael Moore.. Accusing Bush (or I guess Cheney) of being on the Haliburton payroll!

Just accused Bush of letting Saudi Royal family controlling oil prices.

Now he says ‘vote for me because Obama gave a good speech.’

He’s just one aaaaarghhh away from being Howard Dean. (ok maybe that was overstated but not by much)

WOW: He just promised to make “make the workplace fair again” What does that mean?

Talk about peddling fear! If you don’t vote for me, your kids will get sick and die! (paraphrased of course)

DAMN MSNBC pulled it! I so wish that had been in prime time. It was horrible.

No prepared remarks, kept repeating himself, angry, frothing at the mouth.

I’ve knocked this man as being an undisciplined campaigner. What an understatement. He came out shrill and whiney. Speaking off the cuff and making a jackass out of himself. He needs handlers! Soon.

Anyone wanting to fisk it could have a field day. He lied dozens of times.

heh- MSNBC left Chris Matthew’s mic open after he walked off the set and we got to hear him tell the producers he was headed for the bathroom. Opps

Another update: Many people have said he sounded drunk… I don’t completely disagree that he sounded drunk. I seriously doubt he was obviously… Which might make it worse. At least drunk he would have had an excuse.

Another: The ever liberal New York Times had a glowing review of the speech. I have to wonder if they heard it!

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