Recapping Wizbang's RNC Coverage

For those who have been quick to criticize Wizbang’s coverage of the RNC, let’s do a little recap of the exclusive content generated here since Monday:

And that’s just here at Wizbang. Check out the rest of the RNCBloggers, there’s a lot more exclusive content that the RNCBloggers have broken here this week. And remember we don’t have the kind of access and staff that the main stream media have here.

None of the credentialed bloggers are news organization; they’re weblogs. It’s not really fair to hold any blog to the same standards for output and breadth of reporting that you would for The New York Times, CNN, NBC, etc. That said, I’d say our collective output stands up very well against, for example, MSNBC’s.

Update: The BBC News Weblog seems to understand what we’re trying to do.

RNC Gossip Edition
Miller Versus Matthews


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