Miller Versus Matthews

If you didn’t see it live, see Zell Miller bitch smack Chris Matthews. Some tasty Zell quotes:

“Look at his record. A man’s record is what he is”

“I didn’t question their patriotism, I question their judgment”

“That was a metaphor, do you know what a metaphor is?”

“Get out of may face. If you’re going to ask a question you let me answer.”

“I wish we lived in the day that I could challenge you to a duel.”

“You are not going to do to me what you did to that young lady the other day, browbeating her to death

“Are you going to shut up after you ask the question?”Matthews meek response to that last line was, “Yes sir.”

The Malkin interview comes back to bite Matthews in the ass at the height of MSNBC’s convention coverage.

Update: In case you missed the bizarre question Matthews could not let go for nearly 15 minutes, this was is question. “Do you think John Kerry and John Edwards want to defend this country with a spitball?” He wasn’t asking about figurative spitballs, but literal spitballs – like the kind you made in junior high school. He literally ground the interview to a halt over this one moronic question.

Update: Here’s the full transcript. Captain Ed further deconstructs the inverview.

Update 2: Scott Sala interviews JC Watts, who was on the MSNBC broadcast with Matthews and Miller.

We then brought up the ring-side seat he had last night with Chris Matthews on Hardball, when Zell Miller spanked Matthews (video here) in only the way a man from the generation before PC ever could. Watts laughed and said “That’s as good as it gets.” [More]

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