Bet this guy is embarrassed (or maybe not)

How hard can it be?

Despite Democrats’ fiasco, Republican balloon guy has no fear

The Republicans’ balloon and confetti guy has no fear the GOP convention will end like the Democratic one: when CNN viewers heard a producer shout “Go balloons,” followed by: “I don’t see anything happening.”

Treb Heining said his balloon nets always open. It will take five seconds for workers to pull a string to release the latex balloons. In 20 more seconds, the balloons will be on the ground or in delegates’ hands, he promised.

hmmm More like 1 min 20 seconds by my watch.

This story is more interesting and well written:

Balloon man knows gravity of the situation
His spirits go up when things come down

NEW YORK — There are varying opinions on what the defining moment of the Republican national convention is this year.

Arnold’s touching immigrant story? Rudy’s blatant appeal to be the party’s candidate in 2008? Or maybe the Bush twins’ botched stand-up comedy routine while introducing their mother Tuesday night?

Then again, an obvious choice would be President Bush’s acceptance speech tonight.

But, truth is, these are all just window dressing to the Big Moment of the convention — historically, the Big Moment of all political conventions: the balloon drop.

And perhaps nothing has better symbolized the deflated candidacy of John Kerry and the Democrats this summer more than their balloon drop debacle in Boston a month ago.

As balloon specialist Treb Heining succinctly sums it up: “There are only two things that can happen on a balloon drop. They can fall or they can not fall.”

And in Boston, they did not fall. What did fall, trickled. Sporadically.

Obviously Ballongate needs investigating. These stories just create more questions than they answer.

UPDATE: Too lazy to see who it was, but one of the Fox floor guys said all the balloons dropped and it was much more than the Dems had. Guess gravity won eventually.

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