Salon Must Be Desperate For Subscribers…

I wasn’t going to address the hatchet job published in Salon about the RNCBloggers, including Wizbang for two reasons: 1) It is a very poorly reasoned article; 2) It’s behind their subscriber login page.

That said, Captain Ed shreds Salon’s Mark Follman, who cherry picks over 1,000 posts by the RNCBloggers to make something that Follman apparently considers a point.

In short, Follman decided it would be more fun to take cheap shots at fifteen people who work hard to give their readers their personal take on the convention by ridiculing their story choices as unprofessional. Well, Mr. Follman, we aren’t journalists in the sense that hires — we’re bloggers, with a different if overlapping audience with such outlets as Salon itself. We weren’t hired to be journalists, we were invited to blog the convention.

And if there is a difference, it’s probably that we research our multiple posts better than the cherry-picking and poor HTML work that Salon seems to think meets professional-level standards. It’s no coincidence that Follman only provides links to the selected posts instead of the home page of each blog, where the work could be seen in context. In our marketplace, such shoddy and transparently biased work would completely discredit a blogger and put them out of business. It’s telling that in Follman’s marketplace, it passes not only his own standards but Salon’s editorial review.

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Jeff Goldstein says the joke is on Follman, though Follman (who makes an appearence in his comments) doesn’t seems to get the joke…

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