Kerry Getting Desperate

He’s run an abysmal campaign but he knows enough to know when it is slipping away.

Kerry changes strategy, plans rallies

NANTUCKET, Mass. — Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday discarded the long-standing political tradition for presidential candidates to lay low the week of the opposite party’s convention by scheduling two rallies in addition to a previously planned appearance before the American Legion convention in Nashville.

A campaign spokesman sought to portray the move as a strategy to put Kerry on the offensive and denied speculation that the Massachusetts Democrat was concerned by the current state of the race and was trying to regain momentum.

Yeah. Right.

Thursday’s night’s midnight-hour rally in Ohio was being billed as a full-blown, unabashed rally. A campaign spokesperson said Kerry had always considered midnight Thursday the start of the general election campaign.

It’s “hardly a sign of concern,” Wade said. “It is what it is. After (the Republican) convention, at midnight, their coach turns back into a pumpkin and we’re going to hit the ground running.

Sign of concern? Why would you say that? We always hold rallies at midnight.

Couple this with the shake ups on the campaign staff and it is obvious that Kerry knows he is in trouble.

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