GNP Gossip Edition – Day Three

  • Protesters attack kids inside the RNC convention hall.

  • The Campaign Desk on police and protesters: “The police have mostly been restrained in dealing with provocations from protesters this week, something that even the protesters grudgingly admit, if only in private.”

  • Retired Senator Allen Simpson has this to say about the GOP Babe Of The Day – “That’s great”

  • Unfit for Command is number one on Amazon, BUT, when you request the list for “non-fiction” titles “Unfit”disappears. Pretty odd…

  • Senator Mark Warner (R-VA) on the Redskins quarterback controversy: “Brunell’s the guy.”

  • For the second time in two days InstaPundit and Powerline have conspired to horn in on Wizbang coverage, specifically Franken and today’s The GOP Babe Of The Day.

    [Ed – Believe it or not I actually had to work to develop sources for those features, and yes is sucks when someone else get’s credit for it…]

  • Coincidence? TBS did a mass buy of BlogAds promoting Sex In The City and the Bush Twins were using Sex In The City in their speech Tuesday evening.

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