Behind Enemy Lines II – My Visit To The Tank

This morning I trekked out onto the streets surrounding Madison Square Garden in search of the lefty convention blog spot known as “The Tank.” The title is obviously a little blog humor as I was greeted warmly and engaged in an insightful discussion of the two different vantage points of the convention available.

The Tank

Those working at The Tank Wednesday morning included (from left to right): Zoe Vanderwolk of The Green Pass, Jesse Taylor of Pandagon, and Terry Wilke of The Liberal List [Photo].

Also (from left to right): Mike Borrelli of PoliPop, Terry Wilke of The Liberal List, and unknown Tank staff member checking e-mail, and Kyle Shank of Am I Patriotic [Photo]

Mike Borrelli (who is a Bush supporter and was welcome to setup shop in The Tank) has one more picture of the impromptu discussion here, that shows fellow credentialed blogger (who happens to be a Democrat planning to vote for Kerry) Brian Reich of Campaign Web Review.

Thanks to The Tank bloggers for making me feel welcome and for the insights into their views of the convention. The Tank bloggers have setup an community aggregator for Tank Blogs. Their aggregation site is linked at

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