Enough of the Bullshit!

I’m watching “The Daily Show,” and they’re doing a bit on the Republicans exploiting 9/11 at their convention. I’ve heard this theme repeated over and over. Am I the only one who remembers just how the RNC happened to end up in NYC?

After 9/11, I recall Guiliani (or possibly Bloomberg) asking both parties to hold their conventions in New York. The idea was to show the world that New York was NOT crippled by the attack, that all Americans stood with those who were hit the hardest by 9/11, and a colossal “FU” to the terrorists. I thought it was a fantastic idea. A lot of people thought it was a fantastic idea. The Republicans immediately agreed — and that was HUGE. New York CIty has always been a fortress of Democrats, despite the last two mayors, and the GOP had never gone to the Big Apple. But they heard the city’s call and answered.

The Democratic National Committee, however, had it’s own agenda. They told New York that they’d be glad to come to New York, but only if they disinvited the Republicans. They didn’t want to share any possible gains with being so close to 9/11’s Ground Zero with the Republicans.

New York, to it’s credit, told the Democrats to shove it, and they did — right up Boston’s wazoo. The poor Hub City is still trying to recover from the blows to it’s economy from hosting the convention.

So, Democrats, the next time you feel like slamming the Republicans for “exploiting 9/11 at their convention,” I strongly request you first write down your feelings on a piece of paper, fold it into very sharp corners, and shove it up your collective asses. You not only had the opportunity to make a great patriotic gesture and eliminate 9/11 as a partisan issue, but you chose instead to play politics and attempted to sieze it for yourselves. Don’t you DARE try to dodge your own culpability this time.

There’s an old Jewish joke that defines “chutzpah” as “a man who kills his parents, then asks the judge for mercy because he’s an orphan.” Now we have a new example of rank, unmitigated political gall — and it’s called the Democratic National Committee.


Update: A few people have questioned the facts behind the above (yeah, that’s you, Barbar), pointing out just when the Conventions were announced. I direct those people’s attention here for the story behind the choosing of the host cities. And here’s a hint, Barbar: A LOT of work went on before those announcements.

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