You Know Kerry's in Trouble When…

It’s tough being a Kerry backer this week. Everywhere you look there is more bad news for him. How bad is it?

The Kerry girls got booed when they mentioned their dad at an MTV event of all places.

Donna Brazile, a big time Democrat operative, called George Bush “shrewd, clever and an extremely intelligent.” (I guess she noticed that while the Dems keep calling Bush dumb he has beat them at every turn for 4 years now.)

After Bush took the lead in 3 battle ground states last week, Kerry’s lead is disappearing in two more states, both of which voted for Gore last time.

John Zoby says it’s really bad for Kerry. He says undecideds favor Bush over Kerry by 25 Points (35%-10%) They also like Bush as a person but dislike Kerry. (link worth following)

Al Gore’s former campaign manger has a story on MSNBC where she says she has the 4 things Kerry must do to win. Problem is, she only names 3.

It’ SOOOO bad for John Kerry that even Tom Daschle is trying to ride George Bush’s coat tails in November.

And Finally, you know it is bad for John Kerry when has to reduce it’s prices on Waffle Makers to $7.95 – including freight.

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BTW If you use coupon code TDWELCME2224 when you check out at Target you get an additional 10% off bring your price to $7.20 including freight!

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