Kerry beats dead horse; horse files for purple heart

The old adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” isn’t always the best advice, especially in politics. In politics, if you try a political stunt and it goes nowhere, you probably should try something different.

Nobody told that to the Kerry campaign. Days after they sent Max Cleland to annoy Bush on his Crawford, Texas ranch with a letter demanding he specifically denounce the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth ads (and, by omission, endorse all the ads from the anti-Bush 527 groups are running), they sent another copy of the letter with a group of vets to Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s office (Romney is campaigning with Bush here in Cow Hampshire on Monday). (See story here.)

Forewarned is forearmed, however, the vets were greeted by another group of vets calling themselves “Veterans for Working Senators” was there and armed with it’s own letter demanding that Kerry either show up for work, give back his pay, or just up and resign (as Bob Dole did in 1996) while he’s running for President.

A representative of the Governor’s accepted the Cleland letter; the Veterans for Kerry-Edwards not only refused to accept the “Veterans for Working Senators” letter, they shouted down attempts to read it aloud.

One thing that stood out in the Boston Glob’s coverage (remember, it’s owned by the New York Times): they used the term “Kerry’s high absence rate” without going into further detail. As I discovered last week with just minimal research, Kerry missed 64% of all roll calls from the first session of the current Congress and has missed 89.3% of all the roll calls to date in the second session. Apparently the Glob doesn’t think that’s germane to the story.

It does mention, however, that the Veterans for Working Senators were peacable, while the Veterans for Kerry-Edwards got into a shouting match with a state official who didn’t immediately kowtow to their demands. I’m surprised that slipped through.


(Aside to “George Washington:” this might be an appopriate place to issue your “Bush AWOL” challenge — it’s tangentially linkable to the topic of the posting. Toss it up here, and I’ll give it the attention it deserves.)

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