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A recent comment mentioned that the reason the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has been doing so well is the heavy coverage they’ve received from “FoxNews and CNN.” That struck me as a bit odd, so I went over to and Searched for “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.” 31 total stories came up — the following is a precis of each story.

August 6: Swifties release first ad.
McCain condemns Swifties ad.
Piece on the main guy funding the Swifties.

August 19: Kerry blasts Bush over Swifties’ ads.
Kerry blasts Swifties’ ads.

August 20: Swifties release ad #2.
Kerry calls on Bush to condemn Swifties.

August 21: Kerry files FEC complaint against Swifties.

August 22: Bush denounces “smear tactics.”

August 23: Bush adviser quits after appearing in Swiftie ad.
Kerry releases ad blaming Bush for Swifty ads.
Bush calls for end to all 527 groups, including Swifties.
Kerry in combat, assailed by Swifties.

August 24: Bush campaign lawyer also advised Swifties.
Bush calls on Kerry to also condemn all 527 ads.
Kerry campaign starts using term “Fear and Smear.”

August 25: Kerry still talking about Swift Boats.
RNC convention preview.
Cleland goes to Crawford.
Text of letter to Bush.
Bush campaign lawyer resigns.
Kerry uses term “fear and smear” again.

August 26: John O’Neill’s credibility questioned.
Bush lawyer resigns again.
More on the Crawford failed letter exchange.
Bush asks McCain to sink 527s.
Bush and Edwards both end up in New Mexico.

August 28: RNC convention preview.
Latest polling results
Piece on President Bush and Viet Nam, featuring prominent description of a ad charging Bush with “being AWOL from the National Guard.”

Yeah, that bastion of conservatism and Bush-backing CNN is really pounding John Kerry on behalf of the Swifties, isn’t it?


Anyone who wishes to fact-check me can click here to see the results of my search, or go do it yourself. I LIKE it when people fact-check me. In fact, I double-dog-dare ya.

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