Bang for your buck

I know I’ve said before it’s not fair to judge a candidate by their supporters or their detractors, but I really, really think this is relevant.

The major players among the anti-Bush 527 groups —, The Media Fund, America Coming Together — have between them raised well in excess of 60 million dollars.

The Swift Boat Veterans For The Truth have, at generous estimations, raised maybe two million dollars.

Not to stereotype, but I find it exceptionally symbolic that the liberals are throwing more and more and more money at a situation, but keep doing worse and worse and worse. The Swifties have been astonishingly successful at getting their message across despite a more than 30-to-one gap in money and open hostility from the mainstream media. (One need only compare the effort the Washington Post spent on uncovering a single Swiftie’s service records versus uncovering John Kerry’s.)

I think I know which side I’d rather have holding the nation’s purse strings…


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