A useful joke

(Note: this is more than just an amusing joke. The REAL punchline is in the extended section.)

After 30 years of practice, a gynecologist decided it was time for a change of pace. He decided to become an auto mechanic. He went to all the classes and finally made it to the final exam.

The test consisted of taking an engine apart and reassembling it. He did his best, then a week later returned to the school to get his grade. When he saw his score, he immediately sought out the teacher for an explanation.

“Well, the first part of the test was to take apart the engine. You did that perfectly, so I gave you 50 points. The second part, putting it back together, you did that perfectly, too, so I gave you another 50 points.”

“But I just had to give you a bonus 100 points for doing the whole thing through the tailpipe.”


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For some time I thought that was just an amusing joke, especially to women. But then I started noticing something odd. The joke was a barometer to women’s sexual orientation. Straight women found it very funny. Bisexual women found it hysterical. But lesbians nearly wet themselves laughing.

I have absolutely no idea why this is true, but repeated tests have borne it out. And before you ask, I haven’t noticed any patterns in male responses to the joke. They’ve generally run more along the lines of “yeah, being a mechanic is cool, but why would anyone give up being a gynecologist?” After about the 40th variant of that response, I started cutting back on telling it to other men.

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