Souvenir Hunting

Kevin just sent Paul and me an e-mail firming up the details of how WizBang! will be kept minty-fresh while he is traveling to Nu Yawk and getting settled in. I was reminded that I have a rule whenever a friend of mine goes somewhere on a trip — they have to bring me back a souvenir. My criteria, however, for acceptable souvenirs are very demanding: the item must be cheap, tacky, and useless. In the past, I have received a rubber Empire State Building, a snow globe, and a plastic lobster, among other junk.

After careful consideration, I have decided exactly exactly what Kevin will owe me for helping maintain the site and cover the convention. And just to make sure he doesn’t weasel out of this debt, I am posting my demands here in public.

Within one week of your return home, Kevin, I expect to receive the cheapest, tackiest, most useless thing you can find in New York — a black-bandanna-wearing anti-Bush protestor. Of course, I will be glad to pay all shipping costs.


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