Twenty Questions For Kerry

Peter Kirsanow writes in National Review Online:

Senator Kerry has been pretty successfully avoiding the media, but sometime between now and November 2 he’ll have to sit down for a far-ranging interview on a program other than The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Thus far, most Kerry interviews have been less-than-penetrating (one recent poll even indicates that nearly a third of the electorate knows very little about John Kerry) and certainly not hostile (in comparison, see, among other things, President Bush’s press conference of last spring). Bill Clinton was subjected to far-greater scrutiny by this time in the 1992 election cycle. Kerry’s legendary policy flip-flops as well as his campaign’s shifting stories related to the current controversy compel questioning at least as tough as that directed at Kerry’s critics.

Here are only a few of the questions Kerry hasn’t adequately addressed. They don’t even have anything to do with swift boats…See the 20 questions.

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