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Lawyers, that is…

NZ Bear points out that the story of Benjamin Ginsberg, a lawyer for President Bush’s re-election campaign who disclosed Tuesday that he has been providing legal advice for a Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, is missing a similarly deep examination of the Kerry campaign.

From the ABC News article, it’s seems somewhat obvious that the DNC knows that they are equally as guilty of the legal cross pollenization.

Joe Sandler, a lawyer for the DNC and a group running anti-Bush ads,, said there is nothing wrong with serving in both roles at once.

In addition to the FEC’s coordination rules, attorneys are ethically bound to maintain attorney-client confidentiality, Sandler said. They could lose their law license if they violate that, he said.Bear adds DNC and lawyer Neil Reiff to the list. That makes 2 for Kerry’s side and 1 for Bush’s side, though neither situation is illegal or especially impropitious.

Of course the Kerry campaign spokesman (Chad Clanton) hasn’t gotten the note that his own side has similar issues. Of the Ginsberg’s admission he said, “It’s another piece of the mounting evidence of the ties between the Bush campaign and this group.”

Update: Benjamin Ginsberg has resigned from the Bush campaign. If the history of this campaign is any guide Sandler and Reiff’s relevance to the story (similar circumstances) will be totally ignored.

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