Kerry Buddies To Visit Bush Ranch

Anyone want to bet that this WON’T be the lead story on ABC, CBS, and NBC?

Aug. 25 (Bloomberg). — Former Democratic Senator Max Cleland plans to travel today to President George W. Bush’s ranch to demand that he denounce television ads accusing Democratic challenger John Kerry of lying about his war record.

Cleland, 61, who lost both legs and his right arm during the Vietnam War, is to be accompanied on his trip to the Crawford, Texas, ranch, by former U.S. Army Green Beret Jim Rassmann, who credits Kerry with rescuing him from a river in Vietnam.Of course the Kerry camp knows they won’t get anywhere near the ranch, but they’re hoping the visuals of two vets (one in a wheelchair) behind a chain link fence will distract you from the content of current SwiftVet ad, “Sellout“.

Kerry is sending his best “war criminals” down to Crawford to lobby the man the Dean/Gore/Moore wing of the Democratic party likes to label “war criminal.”

Update: Cleland and Rassman will try to deliver a letter protesting the Swift Boat ads to Bush at his heavily guarded ranch, Kerry aides said.

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