RNCBloggers.com is shaping up. The design is up, though we’re still tweaking a few things. The Forum is open, go ahead and register – I’ll be adding more sections and assigning moderators this evening. The feed agregation and convention RSS feed (what you will see on the main page) should start in the next day or so.

There are two blogrolls and three different logo size (300px, 220px, 170px) codeblocks available below.

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Credentialed Bloggers Blogroll

Other On-site Bloggers Blogroll

RNCBloggers Logo & Link (300px)

RNCBloggers Logo & Link (220px)

RNCBloggers Logo & Link (170px)

None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of Moody Mama for the design; Suzy Rice for the logos; and Pete Holiday for the programing.

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