Multiple Terrorist Attacks in Russia?

Something odd seems to be happening in Russia.

FoxNews is reporting that multiple airliners have crashed and/or gone missing. Simultaneously. With other reports of bombs exploding. All very shaky information at this point.

Jeff Quinton is carrying the ball for team blogosphere.

Note: I’m late(ish) on this and the 10:30EDT news update on Fox did not mention it. … Note 2: After they beat the Lacy peterson subject to death they had more.

Hmmm: A “spain connection?”

Chechen elections are this Sunday, and we know what the implications of that can be. Terrorism is a form of theatrical violence that plays all too well alonside political processes in an attempt to create chaos, the means to an end. (The end being a greater ability to create fear which crushes dissent and is a quicker road to political power. With Islamism intertwining politics and religion, political power creates the atmosphere where a Muslim community, Ummah, is created where there is strict adherence to Islamic law or Sharia.)

Update: Apparently 1 plane confirmed down – all aboard dead. (45 ish people) Fire on ground confirmed where second plane went missing off radar.

James is wrapping up the print journalism angle.

Rusty Shackleford follows Russian politics and has some interesting thoughts.

UPDATE 2: One of the Planes sent a hijack signal before it crashed.
Rusty and Jeff are still on case. (so I’m gong to sleep.)

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