My brush with greatness

Earlier today I had the great good fortune to converse with the delightful Michelle Malkin on a Boston talk show. I was the last caller, so I didn’t get much time, but I did manage to convey salutations on behalf of myself, Kevin, and Paul and ask her what sorts of differences there were between writing for the web versus for print. After complimenting this site (thanks, Michelle!), she said that the differences were significant. First, she pointed out that on the web, she has no editor. That means she’s free to choose her topics, and can continue to hammer away on a specific topic for as long as she likes. Second, there are no deadlines or specific lengths for her pieces, which is also tremendously liberating. Third, on the web one can immediately make changes and corrections, while publications can takes weeks to fix errors (if ever).

To that, I’d like to add the immediacy and intimacy of the blog atmosphere. I have to admit I get a thrill and a bit of an ego rush whenever I see a fresh comment or trackback to something I’ve written. I take it as a huge compliment when someone takes the time and effort to answer my work, and trackbacks even more. To all (well, nearly all) who’ve posted comments on or linked to my writings, thank you. I greatly appreciate them all.

Anyway, that’s my story. Michelle, if you’re reading this, thanks for taking my call, thanks again for the kind words about Wizbang, and I’ve known since his days on the McLaughlin Group that Chris Matthews is an asshole — thanks for the reminder.


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