Veterans Will Not Be Silenced

Veterans have earned the right to speak (pro or con) on either candidate. In this e-mail from a special forces vet making his case against Kerry, the bolded line really jumped out and grabbed me.

The airways and Internet has been full of pro and cons about the up-coming election – as is our God given right to have a say in this election. The Veterans who did voice their comments about John Kerry in Unfit to Command, are being slandered by the Liberals, the Press, the Hollywood Elite, some Politicians, and what’s really sad by some high ranking General Officers who evidently forgot they are now out of uniform and what they say don’t have much of an impact on most of us Veterans, we remember their performance while they were on active duty. The Veteran has earned the right to express his opinion in war and in peace, he defended that right by serving his country.

[Read The Rest]Given that they’re all former military; do you think that attacking them (or their right to speak freely) will deter them?

No way.

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