Having Fun at the Times' Expense

The New York Times finally breaks it silence on the Swiftboat Veterans… In the most predictable of fashions. So if they won’t take their jobs seriously, why should I?

Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad
Liberal Fire: Birth of an Anti-Veteran Hatchet Job

After weeks of taking fire over veterans’ accusations that he had lied about his Vietnam service record to win medals and build a political career, After weeks of taking fire for ignoring the story that a potential President of the United States has been caught lying about the centerpiece of his campaign, Senator John Kerry shot back yesterday, The New York Times shot back today, calling those statements categorically false with a one sided attack piece on Kerry’s accusers and branding the people behind them tools of the Bush campaign. and branded them tools of the Bush campaign.

His decision to take on the group directly The Times’ decision to take on the group directly was a measure of how the group that calls itself Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has catapulted itself to the forefront of the presidential campaign. was a measure how much the New York Times really has become the mouthpiece of the Democratic National Committee. It has advanced its cause in a book, in a television advertisement and on cable news and talk radio shows, It had advanced its cause by ignoring a book, television advertisements and stories on cable news, blogs and news radio. all in an attempt to discredit Mr. Kerry’s war record, a pillar of his campaign. all in an attempt to make the story go away so John Kerry could be elected.

How the group came into existence How the paper came to lose all credibility and turn into a house organ for the DNC is a story of how veterans with longstanding anger about Mr. Kerry’s antiwar statements in the early 1970’s is a story of how a liberal paper with long standing animosity for conservatives allied themselves with Texas Republicans. allied themselves with Washington Democrats.

And so it goes. Not a word on the fact that several accusations have checked out. Only a hatchet job on the vets. The Times piece has more than a few factual inaccuracies, but then why should that matter, it’s not like it is a news story.

You almost have to chuckle. Anyone can write a book about George Bush accusing him of anything and 60 Minutes will give them plenty of air time and the New York Times will run 2 weeks of front page news stories about the accusations. No questions will be asked about the veracity of the accuser or the strength of the accusations. When the accuser and the accusations are discredited, the Times will never say a word.

But should (God forbid) anyone write a book that portrays a liberal in a negative light and the media will attack with full force.

You know, I really could accept this behavior from the Village Voice or some admittedly liberal rag. But having the mainstream media do this crap then whine about how biased FOXNews is, really just strains credulity.

What this story really says is that despite their claims, Democrats have polling numbers that show these ads are killing them.

If the ads were not effective, the Dems and the media would not be on the attack. As I said yesterday, the fact the Swifties’ raised 400,000 with this ad has them scared to death.

UPDATE: McGehee rocks (as usual) with a link to poll numbers on this ad….

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A survey of Kerry-leaning independent voters suggests that new anti-Kerry ad by the

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