Was Kerry in combat on Dec. 2, 1968?

That’s the title of an interesting op-ed in the Washington Times. It actually highlights the work of Captain’s Quarters blog.

One of the criteria for awarding a Purple Heart is that the person in question was involved in action against the enemy. A wound resulting from friendly fire still qualifies for a Purple Heart as long as it was incurred while engaged with the enemy. We relate this information because the writers over at Captainsquartersblog.com have raised an interesting question surrounding John Kerry’s first Purple Heart.

The question because interesting because much like the Cambodia story Kerry’s biography and his own diary contradict his later claims he was in combat that day.

Normally I’d give this story more time to grow before linking it but after Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia story crumbled, this one might be worth looking into.

You might want to pick up the story here.

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