Right Wing Graphics Deficit

Allah points out that Frontpage Magazine’s graphics department seems to be staffed by the nearest night schools Intro To Photoshop dropouts.

Why is it that so many of the super far right sites, esthetically look like shit? Do all graphic design artists hate Bush? Who knows… What I do know is that Web Pages That Suck really should start a special neo-con site section. I mean who hasn’t seen some shit like this while reading about the latest revision to John Kerry’s Vietnam tour of duty?

Even Matt Drudge cannot be bothered with fixing the area map on the Drudge Report graphic in his breaking news pages. Click on the graphic and you go to http://drudgereport.com/matt.htm, which is a not so topical story from December 2003. For a site that allegedly gets 8 million visitors a day, you’d think that might have come up once or twice – yet it has not been fixed.

Is it too much to ask that some of these “news” sites acually implement a design that’s not ripped from the mid 90’s and painful to look at?

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