The Call for John Kerry's Service Records

So far, the Kerry apologists in the big media have completely ignored the fact Kerry lied about releasing his service records and so far, he still refuses to do so. This is a Boston Globe story from back in April of 2004.

Kerry refuses to release more records

WASHINGTON — The day after John F. Kerry said he would make all of his military records available for inspection at his campaign headquarters, a spokesman said the senator would not release any new documents, leaving undisclosed many of Kerry’s evaluations by his Navy commanding officers, some medical records, and possibly other material.

Kerry, in an interview Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” was asked whether he would follow President Bush’s example and release all of his military records. “I have,” Kerry said. “I’ve shown them — they’re available for you to come and look at.” He added that “people can come and see them at headquarters.”

But when a reporter showed up yesterday morning to review the documents, the campaign staff declined, saying all requests must go through the press spokesman, Michael Meehan. Late yesterday, Meehan said the only records available would be those already released to this newspaper.

“He is releasing all military records he has released to The Boston Globe,” Meehan said in a telephone interview.

After the Globe story, the rest of the media ignored the fact Kerry has refused to release his service records. This is an issue of course because Kerry himself called for Bush to release his service records during the AWOL flap.

When Terry Mcauliffe, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, went on CNN and accused Bush of being AWOL during the Vietnam era, the media went on a 30 day feeding frenzy demanding Bush turn over his military records. Mcauliffe based his allegations on the fact that a single man, (who BTW has Alzheimer’s) did not remember Bush from 30+ years ago. Nowhere during that time did the media say that maybe -just maybe- the head of the DNC’s accusations might be politically motivated. (gasp)

Now Kerry is facing his own records flap. In contradistinction to Bush’s accusers, 250 soldiers (mostly officers) who served with Kerry have called Kerry “Unfit” to serve as commander in chief. Suddenly the media is up in arms -not demanding to see Kerry’s records- but accusing all 250 veterans of being politically motivated. (So much for that whole unbiased media myth)

The media’s urge to protect John Kerry will not serve him well in the long run.

The drum beat has finally started for Kerry to release his service records. It is faint but it is audible. Columnist Lee Cearnal, of the Houston Chronicle, took his media colleagues to task today for not calling for Kerry’s records.

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Where’s my colleagues’ interest in Kerry’s war records?
Even when he’s caught in a lie, media aren’t scrutinizing him same way they did Bush

The same news media that demanded George W. Bush release his National Guard records

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