Kerry Lied, Stories Died

John H. Hinderaker and Scott W. Johnson of Powerline have an op-ed piece in the Wednesday edition of the Minneapolis StarTribune – Unwrapping Kerry’s story of Christmas in Cambodia. Their conclusion with regard to the media coverage of the story:

Given the attention lavished on President Bush’s service in the Air National Guard earlier this year, we thought that newspapers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times would want to devote comparable attention to John Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia story. We also thought they would want to consider what the falsity of Kerry’s story might have to tell us about the uses to which Kerry is putting his Vietnam service in the current presidential campaign.

To date, however, we have been wrong. Neither the influential mainstream newspapers nor the broadcast television networks have reported the meltdown of Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia story. Only readers of Internet blogs such as ours have kept current on the exposure of Kerry’s tall tale. Or on the Kerry campaign’s lame efforts to resurrect a version of the story that contradicts what Kerry has said for the past 25 years, but allows Kerry to continue using his Vietnam experiences, real and imagined, for his own political purposes.

Whatever the reason — and we have our suspicions — when it comes to scrutiny of Sen. Kerry’s veracity, the mainstream media are saluting, but they are decidedly not reporting for duty.Remember, a Newsweek*** editor claimed the media would deliver a 15 percent bump for Kerry. It looks like they’re (not) working hard to keep that promise.

Media Blackout Scorecard

Washington Post search – 0 relevant results.
New York Times search – 0 relevant results

Update: Journalist and author Virginia Postrel chides campaign journalists to “do your jobs“:

…[T]here are a lot of fine journalists who do have the job of political reporting, they are not doing it when it comes to Kerry’s past, and they are making our whole profession look bad.

*** Newsweek is owned by the The Washington Post Company.

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