A personal boycott

I just came back from seeing Alien Vs. Predator, and it was pretty damned good. The pacing was so off I would suspect the producers had ADD (the egg-facehugger-chestburster-Alien cycle seemed to take longer in the other movies), but I especially enjoyed the “tributes” to the earlier Alien movies — the closeup on the terrified woman’s eyes, the Queen hanging over the abyss, etc. etc. Definitely money well spent.

But I’ve seen my last movie at this theatre, or any others in their chain. Showtime was 11:50. I entered at 11:45, and there were COMMERCIALS playing. Not previews, COMMERCIALS. Ads for soda, candy, the new “Joey” show that’s replacing Friends, a video game, and a few others I’ve blessedly blocked out. The commercials ran until 11:55. Then they ran the standard announcements and 9 minutes of previews. I can live with that, but when you add it up, that means the actual MOVIE started about 15 minutes after the listed showtime.

When the South Park movie came out, I went to see it. After three commercials, though, I walked out and demanded a refund. I never saw the movie on the big screen. I’d sincerely hoped the chain had come to it’s senses, but it’s now worse than ever.

I’m now announcing that there is no way in HELL I’ll ever go to a movie and sit through commercials. There’s a much nicer theatre just a bit down the highway, with stadium seating and no commercials. They’re getting all my future business.

At home, if a commercial comes on, I can switch channels or read or do something else. In a theatre, there’s virtually nothing else to do but watch ’em — we are quite literally a captive audience. But this is one captive who’s not going back into my cell. To hell with Hoyt’s/Regal. They can soak some other poor sucker; they’ve seen the last of MY money.


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