Heads up to Wizbang readers, and a partial explanation for my haphazard posting schedule.

Working with the other bloggers covering the Republican National Convention in New York, I’ve started rncbloggers.com. There’s nothing much to see there today, but that will be changing in the coming days.

The idea behind the site is to will as an aggrecation portal for excerpts from the blogs onsite covering the convention. You’ll be able to monitor the coverage of all the blogs there and click through the read the articles that interest you. There are other plans afoot, like a discussion forum, multimedia section, etc. but the current task is to finish the backend work and bring the site live. Special thanks to Pete Holiday for the yoemans work on the RSS aggregation.


Designer – If you are a designer, especially of blogs, we need a convention themed design. There is no money to pay you (sorry), but there will be free advertising of your work (and a link to your design business) on a site sure to get a lots of traffic. The basic idea is a left sidebar and two columns of content on the right. Reusing existing designs is fine. Forward me a picture (or link to ) an example of your idea. Obviously I can only pick one design, so I’ll thank those who send ideas in advance. You can contact me if you have any additional questions.

Forum Mods – If we do implement a discussion forum we’ll need some hall monitors as the RNC blogger crew will be busy reporting on the convention.

Bookmark the rncbloggers.com, within the next week it will be rocking…

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