527 Vs. 527

The Democratic National Committee has a selective memory…

First they’ve launched into near-hysterical ad hominem personal attacks on the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth members, as opposed to refuting their claims with facts.

Now they are pushing the talking point that the group is to be referred to as “Swift Boat Veterans For Bush,” since any 527 group that opposes Kerry is naturally taking marching from George Bush or Karl Rove, while the hundreds of liberal 527 groups keeping the Kerry campaign afloat are not at all related to John Kerry.

On that point I call bullshit.

Based Kerry’s reaction to the SwiftVets the only logical counter attack is to hold John Kerry personally liable for every MoveOn.org, ACT, George Soros, etc. ad in existence and those that have yet to air. As a conservative that’s fine with me, because those organizations are sure to produce some of the vilest anti-Bush ads you’ll ever see, and when they do the blame will be laid squarely at the feet of John Kerry.

Perhaps the issues will be discussed around the time of the debates. Until then it seems as if we are stuck in a media war. Remember thought that you have to be consistent in judging the media campaign, either hold John Kerry personally responsible for any anti-Bush ad and President Bush responsible for any anti-Kerry ad or believe the fiction of the McCain Feingold campaign finance reform laws. Thanks to the Democrats for finding and exploiting the 527 exception, thereby spotlighting the futility of the McCain Feingold.

Update: James Joyner fisks Kerry mouthpiece Mary Beth Cahill‘s call to fund Kerry’s 527’s (who have something like a 4 to 1 money advantage over Bush’s 527’s.

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