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The last few weeks, I’ve written several serious, analytical pieces, probably greatly disappointing to some (such as Rodney – sorry, I’ll work on more fart jokes later). I still feel like doing some analysis, but it’s time to turn my focus on less grim matters – in this case, the upcoming movie, Alien vs. Predator.

It’s a fight that’s been brewing for well over a decade, and as IMDB points out, it’s been played out in comics, video games, books, and even toys. But let’s take a look at just how these two match up:

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Ranged attack: Advantage – Predator
No question here. The Predator has been seen using projectile weapons, beam weapons, and thrown weapons. The Alien has none. Given sufficient range, the Predator should be able to pulverize the Alien.

Hand-to-hand attack: Advantage – Alien
The Alien has claws on both hands, both feet, a pointy, prehensile, bladed tail, big pointy teeth, and more not-so-big pointy teeth in it’s second mouth at the end of it

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