Media Matters, Hypocrisy Doesn't

In an article in the forthcoming issue of Fast Company magazine on Courage, David Brock portrays his conversion from lying right-wing attack dog to left-wing champion of freedom and truth in glowing quasi-religious terms as a “rebirth”. He proceeds to trade on the memory of Lee Atwater death bed apologies (which is something of a fabrication in and of itself) to to show that conservative equals lying and wrong, and liberal equals truthful and right.

Since the article isn’t online yet it will be hard for you to compare and contrast his “awakening” with his activities now, but I can assure you that the nobility and courage he appropriates for himself melt when examined in the bright light of his current initiatives.

Brock is up to his old attack dog tricks (lying, using facts selectively, etc.) at Media Matters – but now his targets are the political right and Fox News. Amazingly the left seems to be buying into the conversion, ignoring his status as a self confessed liar.

If you look at the very personal hatchet job he and his paid bloglings are trying to do on any Vietnam veteran who has the temerity to speak out against John Kerry you’ll recognize that he’s just re-branded his old attack machine as a wholly owned subsidiary of Heinz-Kerry Inc.

It doesn’t take courage to take your shtick from one party to another, especially when truth is not now (nor has it ever been) Brock’s goal.

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