It's Raining Men (And Women)

The Olympics in Athens, Greece start Wednesday (the opening ceremony is on Friday night) with womens soccer preliminary matches. These Greeks got an early jump on the competition…

NEA IONIA, Greece (AP) – As relatives tell it, it was the stuff of Greek tragedy: A love-struck young man threw himself off his balcony Monday, two days after a quarrel prompted his girlfriend — a member of Greece’s Olympic judo team — to jump from the same spot.

“He had very intense feelings about the girl. He was very much in love,” said Nikos Drakopoulos, a printer who lives across the hall from the couple. “He could not see himself living if she was gone.”

Giorgos Chrisostomides, 24, was on life-support at an Athens hospital with injuries to his head and back. His high-school sweetheart, 20-year-old judo champion Eleni Ioannou, was at another hospital in critical condition with multiple fractures to her head and body.Apparently in Greece love means never having to say, “Look out below!”

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