A Diploma In Name Only

Meet Daniel Gossai, “principal” of California Alternative High School (CAHS).


Gossai describes his school as the fulfillment of his divine mission to help Latinos escape poverty through education. To further that deception, CAHS frequently holds classes in churches with the help of unwitting clergy and congregation members. The problem is the school is not accredited and the education is worthless.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A chain of private California schools that taught immigrants there are 53 U.S. states and four branches of the U.S. government was ordered to stop handing out phony diplomas this week, state Attorney General Bill Lockyer said on Friday.

Authorities seized the assets of California Alternative High School and asked a judge to stop the company’s 30 schools statewide from handing out “high school diplomas” to students dreaming of a better life through education, Lockyer said.
The company charged its mainly Latino students $450 to $1,450 for a 10-week course based on a 54-page book that was riddled with errors, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday

Students learned that Congress had two houses — the Senate for Democrats and the House for Republicans; that the U.S. flag had not been updated to reflect the addition of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico to the “original” 50 states; that the federal “administrative” branch oversees the Treasury Department; and that World War II occurred from 1938 to 1942.While the story is “funny” due to the poor material highlighted, the full story is a sad case of preying on immigrants. The Ventura County Star ((Registration required – login ID available at BugMeNot) reports on the human impact of the companies fraudulent practices.

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