Vet Backs Story- Reporter Discredited

Earlier today, as Kevin reported, reporter Mike Kranish ran a story in the Boston Globe claiming that one of the Swift Boat Vets recanted his story about John Kerry not deserving a Silver Star.

There are a few problem with that story.

Lieutenant Commander George Elliott, the vet in question, calls Kranish’s story “extremely inaccurate and highly misstating his actual views.” He stands by his affidavit and says he never recanted anything.

So why on earth would Mike Kranish of the Boston Globe get such an important story wrong? Because he is on John Kerry’s payroll.

BOSTON GLOBE journalist Mike Kranish has been commissioned to write the foreword of the Kerry-Edwards campaign book — just as he is covering the campaign in an official capacity as a journalist for the BOSTON GLOBE!

Kranish made waves on Friday by reporting in the GLOBE how a key figure in the anti-Kerry vet ad campaign, Kerry’s former commanding officer, “backed off one of the key contentions.”

If the Globe knew Kranish was working for the Kerry campaign then the Globe owes its readers a very, very large public apology.

If Kranish did not tell the Globe, he deserves to be fired.

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