Remember Anthrax?

Looks like there’s a new “person of interest,” and his name is not Steven Hatfill…

WELLSVILLE, N.Y. – Federal agents investigating the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks searched homes Thursday belonging to the founder of an organization that trains medical professionals to respond to chemical and biological attacks.

More than three dozen agents, some in protective suits, combed through two homes in this upstate New York village at the same time as similar search occurred in New Jersey.

The searches raised the prospect that authorities may be closer to a break in a case that has baffled investigators for nearly three years. Five people were killed and 17 sickened in the anthrax attacks, further rattling a nation already on edge after Sept. 11.

Property records list the New York homes as the addresses of Dr. Kenneth Berry, 48, a bioterrorism expert who once advocated the distribution of anthrax vaccine in major cities.Chuck Simmins, who lives nearby, is trying to piece together a biography on Berry.

Kerry Calls Out The Attack Lawyers


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