Wendy's Photo Op Disaster

How many strange stories can come out of one photo op? First there was this tidbit from the AP coverage:

Teresa Heinz Kerry pointed at a picture of chili on the menu and asked the cashier what it was before ordering a bowl.

Then there was Kerry’s bungled attempt to chat up some Marines eating at the restaurant.

Finally the story that ties up all the loose ends on the Wendy’s affair – lunch was actually waiting on the bus. The local newspaper Hudson Valley News reports:

While Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards, and their families were having a “lite” lunch at Wendy’s in the Town of Newburgh Friday, drumming up local support right after the national convention in Boston, their real lunches were waiting on their bus.

A member of the Kerry advance team called Nikola’s Restaurant at the Newburgh Yacht Club the night before and ordered 19 five-star lunches to go that would be picked up at noon Friday. Management at the restaurant, which is operated by CIA (ed – Culinary Institute of America) graduate chef Michael Dederick, was told the meals would be for the Kerry and Edwards families and actor Ben Affleck who was with them on the tour.

The gourmet meals to go included shrimp vindallo, grilled diver sea scallops, prosciutto, wrapped stuffed chicken, and steak salad. The meals came to about $200.While the Edwards’ may get some mileage out of the faux populism, it’s as transparently fake as it appears to be when the Heinz Kerry’s give it a shot.

David Scott Anderson wonders what’s all the fuss about this one little event being played out on conservative blogs. He asks a good question, though I suspect he won’t like the answer. The Wendy’s incident is like a mini Dean scream, an inconsequential event that gets an inordinate amount of attention due to a confluence of media coverage, humor, and a feeling that one is seeing a peek behind the carefully controlled campaign curtains.

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