Help Is On The Way

Leave it to Mark Steyn weave another gem into the story of John Kerry’s Wendy’s Photo Op Disaster.

Writing in the Telegraph, he closes his column Could Kerry slum it in the White House? by torpedoing the DNC scripted chant, “Help Is On The Way.”

The tonal disconnect is only going to get worse between now and November. At the convention last week, Ted Kennedy urged Americans to make sure that, this January, John Kerry has a “nice new home”. But, thanks to his wife’s first husband, he already has five multi-million-dollar homes, including a 15th-century stone barn dismantled and shipped over from England to serve as their ski chalet in Idaho.

By contrast, George W Bush has one modest ranch in Crawford, a town no one would choose to live in unless it genuinely was his home. As Noemi Emery put it in the Weekly Standard, Kerry is not just “the richest man ever to run on a national ticket”, but also “the most self-indulgent in his lifestyle, and the most quasi-royal in his sense of himself”.

That gives a whiff of condescension to his chant of “Help Is On The Way”, a slogan already a tad too crudely nanny-statish. On the other hand, it’s a very good catchphrase for Senator Kerry if he’s back at the 15th-century ski chalet in Idaho and Teresa is complaining because she rang for a Scotch five minutes ago. “Don’t be so impatient, lovie. The help is on the way.”Priceless…

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