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Earlier today Drudge had a tease that there was going be a big announcement on the centerpiece of Bush’s campaign. The tease as been replaced with the (politcally) unfathomable.



A domestic centerpiece of the Bush/GOP agenda for a second Bush term is getting rid of the Internal Revenue Service, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

The Speaker of the House will push for replacing the nation’s current tax system with a national sales tax or a value added tax, Hill sources tell DRUDGE.

Assuming this is true -and Drudge’s detractors aside, he is probably more accurate than most news steams- this is unbelievable.

I’ve long held that the only way would would get a flat tax or a consumption tax is if a Presidential candidate made it the centerpiece of the campaign. If that person wins, Congress would have no choice.

If Bush does this, it would obviously be the biggest domestic news event in decades. The whole campaign would be about this… Kerry would be irrelevant- He would serve only as a no vote to this proposal. Even the war on terror would take second place.

It is in keeping with Bush’s style. Love him or hate him, you can’t call him timid. And he is a gambler- He’ll gamble his whole reelection on this one card.


Updated thoughts in extended entry

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It took me a minute to notice something- It is the GOP agenda pushed by Hastert. The seems very much to be an “all the marbles” kind of thing.

(assuming Bush really pushes for this) It would seem near a forgone conclusion that the Whitehouse, the House and the Senate would all be in the hands of the same political party come November. Which party- I can’t tell ya, but if they make it a party wide agenda it would seem that all 3 of them would go together.

I dunno- leave me comments or links to your posts, I find this fascinating.

Update: ‘Knight of the Mind’ (trackback) has the first peek of various alternative tax proposals. I was going to do a piece on this as I have studied it greatly but I’m sure dozens of bloggers will be all over it in the next few days. I really hope this turns into a real debate.

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