This Is What I Have To Look Forward To…

CNET’s Charles Cooper slams bloggers convention coverage.

…[B]logging blew its big chance in Beantown.

With a few exceptions, most of the credentialed bloggers came off like cyberhayseeds in the big city. Many dared for the painfully obvious as they updated their posts. Most of the blogging entries I have read ranged from the insufferably pedantic to the sublimely mediocre. There were exceptions, of course, but the see-me, hear-me tenor of their reporting was only exceeded by the vapidity of the banal commentaries peddled as analyses.

Did they get co-opted? Sure seems that way at first glance. Maybe the ego-lifting moment of their 15 minutes of prime-time fame got in the way of clear thinking. Or maybe they were simply starstruck at rubbing shoulders in the line for the men’s room with folks like Ben Affleck and Warren Beatty. I remember covering my first political convention as a college junior in 1976 and how wowed I was when bandleader Peter Duchin deigned to smile at me.

But these are big boys and girls. After spending years belittling the shortcomings of the mainstream media, they had me expecting more. Instead, I had to content myself with gems such as, “Bill Clinton looks really small from the upper tiers of the Fleet Center.” Really? If that knocks your socks off, my advice would be to take in the view from the bleachers at Fenway Park sometime.

Truth be told, it’s especially frustrating to have to write these lines, because I still believe blogging is one of the most exciting developments of the last five years.

Whatever the reason, few came to town with their “A” game. And that’s a shame, because I’m sure many from the world of mainstream media left town thinking they had little to worry about if this is the best the blogging world can produce.He managed to take the “Bill Clinton looks really small from the upper tiers of the Fleet Center” line completely out of context and failed to link to the story that it came from. That might be a defensible course of action if his column were running in a print publication, but it’s CNET and they’re web only and supposedly a little more web savvy than that.

The author of the line Cooper tries to use to prove his characterization of bloggers as “cyberhayseeds” responds to the Cooper’s bashing here.

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