Ex-con May Open Kerry Closet

The Boston Herald reports that a ghost from John Kerry’s past is set to make a big splash this week.

As John F. Kerry tries to bounce out of Boston and into a decisive fall campaign lead, a skeleton from the past will slink out of jail – possibly looking to score headlines and undercut the new nominee.

David Paul, a central figure in a 1980s savings and loan scandal, is set to be sprung from a halfway house in Miami Sunday – a decade after his conviction on 97 counts of banking fraud.

TV news outlets are scrambling to line up the first interview, hopeful the long-silent Paul might spill some beans about his close fund-raising ties to Kerry during the 1988 national campaigns.

David Bossie, who interviewed Paul for a new book that is very critical of Kerry, titled “The Many Faces of John Kerry,” said the former banker may have a lot more to say about Kerry.

“There’s no question he’s holding cards, there’s no question there’s more out there,” Bossie said. Paul did not return calls.Stay tuned…

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