Dem Delegates Prefer Al-Jazeera Over Fox

From an article on Al-Jazeera convention coverage:

Like many of the delegates, Lowrey was happy to discover Al-Jazeera at the convention.

“Most of us don’t feel that Al-Jazeera is worse than Fox,” he said.

And he may be right in making that claim for other delegates: Earlier in the week, delegates were asked to face a specific direction in the hall for the official convention photo. The direction was described on the public address system as next to a Fox News Channel sign.

“Boooo,” the hall erupted at the mention of Fox.

In contrast, Al-Jazeera’s quiet presence got a better reception from the floor.

“Democracy is contagious,” said Tim Prince, a California delegate. “We can only hope that what they see here will be properly represented. I wish Americans would hear more about what happens in the Arab world.”It’s entirely possible that the audience for the convention was bigger overseas that in the U.S.

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