Retro Restaurant Trends

While I look forward to a Chuck E. Cheese-free future, some 20-somethings are a bit more nostalgic. From the The New York Post:

Despite the throngs of screaming kids celebrating their birthdays, nostalgic hipsters are eagerly flocking to the new Chuck E. Cheese, in the new Atlantic Terminal.

Chris Punsalan, the 29-year-old frontman of hot Brooklyn indie-rock band the IO’s, says he’s “totally psyched” about the new restaurant.

“Pizza and games were heaven for me when I was a little kid, although the guys in the big costumes creeped me out,” he says.

On Sunday, Punsalan was confronting his terror, happily hanging out at the restaurant with his bandmate/gal pal Autumn Proemm, next to a human dressed as a huge mouse and an equally huge animatronic mouse.I guess if there was any one restaurant I would be nostalgic for, it might be Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor.

Update: Check out Roger Baker’s Farrell’s multimedia page, from his Farrell’s tribute site. There’s a link to a Farrell’s produced video of the Zoo announcement and delivery. That should take you back in time…

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