Democratic Blogger Canned Over Criticism

If you’re going to take a position with a party or campaign, don’t expect to be able to voice an opinion that’s “off message.”

BOSTON — The authors of the online diaries known as “blogs,” are known for their fierce independence — but one was so true to that tradition that he quickly lost his slot on the official blog of the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) this week because of a critical comment on an unrelated group blog. Senior Writer Drew Clark reports that the deleted blogger, Matt Stoller, was the “blog community coordinator” for the DNCC, which organized the convention here. On Monday, opening day, he critiqued convention keynote speaker Barack Obama by unfavorably comparing him with Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, the Democratic candidate for vice president.

Dave Winer notes that Stoller wasn’t only mildly critical, and his assessment of the situation was accurate. It’s another excellent piece of PR work from DNCC! (Example 1, Example 2)

Update: It’s also worth noting that all of the stumbles the DNCC has made with bloggers seem to point back to one person – Eric Schulse.

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