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July 26, 2004
Dear Kevin Aylward,

The Committee on Arrangements (COA) for the 2004 Republican National Convention invites you to cover this year’s convention from August 30 through September 2 in Madison Square Garden.

Looks like it’s time to start blegging for donations. Unfortunately, this trip isn’t exactly going to pay for itself. Based on some quick estimates, I expect that the costs will run into the several thousand dollars range, just so you know what I’m up against.

Any money you can spare to sponsor Wizbang’s coverage is HUGELY appreciated. As a special incentive, donations of $100 (or more) will get a sponsor link in the Wizbang Sponsors section from the date of their donation through the convention. Everyone who donates will get private access to all the pictures I take during the week.

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More details…

For the first time, bloggers will hold an on-site presence at the Republican National Convention called “Bloggers Corner.” Positioned near Radio Row, credentialed bloggers will have the opportunity to connect with delegates, guests and other surrogates for interviews, and to provide original content, including multimedia, to their audiences. Through this behind-the-scenes look at the convention’s proceedings and events, bloggers will play an important role in telling the story of the 2004 Republican Convention.

Bloggers Corner will be located in Madison Square Garden’s Theater Lobby in the corridor adjacent to Radio Row. Electrical outlets, tabled work stations and necessary hook-ups for laptop and other portable computers will be available for high-speed Internet and Intranet access. Main TV monitors will also be accessible in all convention common areas including Bloggers Corner and will carry closed circuit coverage of all floor activities.

Bloggers will be credentialed to move about all media areas with access to the Media Center and the news conference center for briefings.

I’m honored to have been invited.

Update: I wonder if Michele has an extra bedroom?

Update 2: CyberJournalist.net (as they did with DNC bloggers) is tracking the RNC bloggers.

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