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There are few things in life more vexing that the purchase of stereo equipment. Audio salesmen are right up their with used car salesmen on the distrust meter. The problem with buying, say home theater speaker, is that there are so many brands and so little chance to actually evaluate the performance of a particular model.

My challenge is to purchase a mini bookshelf style surround sound speakers system (5.1 or 6.1) for under a $1,000. I’m not so much an audiophile that I have to have the state of the art system costing $10K, but I’m not such a novice that I’ll settle for the JVC special at Costco.

My guess is that there are some strong opinions out there – now’s your chance to sound off. Which company’s sub-$1,000 home theater speaker package is “the best,” and why? Some of the brands I’ve come across in my research – Paradigm, Klipsch, JBL, Definitive Technology, Hsu Research, Harman Kardon, etc…

Update: As has been mentioned, sound testing myself is the best answer (preferably with a generous return policy). That is a true enough statement, but if you look at the list of brands above most of those are not in stock at Circuit City or Best Buy. We do have specialty stereo stores in Northern Virginia that carry some of them, but it’s a shitload of work to hump all over creation for a purchase of several hundred dollars. And FYI – I’d just as soon buy the $300/set speakers if they sounded great and filled a two story room (we have one of those “grand room” living rooms), I just used the $1K range since most audio sites use that cutoff point.

So I’ll subtly change the question… Which company’s sub-$1,000 home theater speaker package do you like most (or least). I’m making a short list of brands to look at…

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BTW, suggesting a Bose product is the surest way to get yourself ridiculed by audio enthusiasts.

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